The American Dream?

The USA in Photographs

The run for the US presidency is close to its peak, a spectacle causing international publicity. Until November 8th the media will be focused on: Clinton versus Trump.

This constellation mirrors the huge differences inherent in the US: No other country is similarly diverse, is met with both yearning and skepticism, is an epitome of stereotype: the myth of the American Dream, the Wild West, both liberal and prudish, caught between possibilities and boundaries.

All of this is reflected in the photographer’s pictures as well as many more facets of the US. And as diverse as the country itself is their work: investigative, with an eye for detail, gentle, vehement, critical…

History of Memorial Photography in America
was 65,00 € 39,95
Photography's image of the American West
was 45,00 € 15,00
The Community Photographs
was 48,00 € 10,00
was 35,00 € 10,00
USA 1935-1943
€ 14,99
The Survey Photographs
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The Cells of Holmesburg Prison
was 35,00 € 8,00
New York Spot News and Street Photography 1980 - 1995
was 38,00 € 19,95
.. of Richard Avedon, Charles Moore, Martha Rosler, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia
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