Robert Adams – Time Passes

Fondation Cartier, Paris. Fondation Cartier 2007. Englisch, Französisch. 72 Seiten, 32 Abb. 25 x 28 cm. 800 g. Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. 9782869250789. art-13905
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Published for the "Robert Adams, On the Edge" exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in November 2007, the book "Time Passes" features the series of the same name devoted to the seascapes and shores of the American West. The photographer abandoned the theme of ecological catastrophes and chose to focus on the coastline, the sea, and light. Conceived as a meditation on the passing nature of things, this book presents images full of profound amazement and fragility.

Robert Adams was born in 1937 and briefly taught literature to university students. Since then he has pursued a career as a photographer and writer, publishing over twenty-five books. His photographs are presented in museums around the world and his work was awarded the Deutsche Börse Photography prize in 2006.
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