Mark Abrahams (sign.)

Signiert. Bologna 2011. Beiträge von: James Frey. 24,7 x 32,1 cm. Gewicht: 2,5 kg. 300 Seiten mit zahlr. s/w Abb. Leinen. Text: Englisch. Damiani. ISBN 9788862081382. art-11705
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One of the foremost fashion and magazine cover photographers of the past two decades, American photographer Mark Abrahams (*1958) has straddled the gap between fashion and celebrity portraiture with guileless simplicity and exacting care.

A self-taught photographer, Abrahams portrays his subjects with an introspective depth and candor. His subjects run the gamut of the A-list: Julianne Moore, George Clooney, James Franco, Dakota Fanning, Sean Diddy Combs, Ashley Olsen, Dennis Hopper, Lindsay Lohan, Larry Clark, Michelle Obama, Ed Ruscha, Philip Roth, Roberto Bolle, Evander Holyfield, Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, Rachel Weisz and countless others.

This volume provides a dazzling parade of the glitterati under Abrahams' lens, devoid of affectation or artifice.
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