Dayanita Singh – Go Away Closer

Stephanie Rosenthal (Hrsg.). Ausst'publikation. Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt. Hayward Publishing 2013. Beiträge von Ralph Rugoff. Englisch. 128 Seiten 17,1 x 22,8 cm. 460 g. Fester Einband. 9781853323188. art-15516
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Originally trained as a photojournalist and bookmaker, Dayanita Singh (*1961) has exhibited widely both in India and abroad. Her work often takes a curious view of the everyday, and is characterized by an unsparing view of her subject matter.

Best known for her portraits of India’s urban middle and upper classes, her images of people working, celebrating or resting depict everyday life without embellishment, capturing insights that often challenge exotic stereotypes in the West. Published alongside an exhibition at Hayward Gallery, Dayanita Singh – Go Away Closer marks a turning point in the career of this artist. For the first time in print, this publication presents a detailed overview of Singh’s Museums – wooden structures that introduce a radical new way of experiencing Singh’s work and photography in general.

The book includes images from throughout Singh’s career, a new essay from Geoff Dyer and an in-depth interview with Singh by Hayward Chief Curator, Stephanie Rosenthal.
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