Susan Hiller – Witness

Mit Audio CD. Gerrie van Noord (Hrsg.). 2001. 18,7 x 27,8 cm. Gewicht: 470 g. 78 Seiten Fester Einband. Text: Englisch. Artangel. ISBN 9781902201092. art-15212
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People see strange things. Lights in the sky, mysterious phenomena, visions and visitations--things they can't explain but know they saw. Susan Hiller has been collecting stories of these sightings for years. Some of them are prosaic and descriptive. Others are visionary and marvelous. All of them are true. Hundreds of eyewitness accounts were brought together through years of research for "Witness", Susan Hiller's ambitious installation, which asks us to explore the area where rational explanations no longer seem to hold.

This accompanying publication, presented as the artist's "Witness" research file, contains a large selection of the original witness statements, as well as a selection of Hiller's personal notes, sketches, and drawings on the work as it developed. To seduce the reader into experiencing the visions of others, the book comes with a CD containing 50 witness statements.
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