The Plains of Mars

European War Prints, 1500-1825. 2009. Beiträge von: Emine Fetvaci, Ira Gruber & Larry Silver. 25,1 x 30,5 cm. Gewicht: 1,7 kg. 253 Seiten mit 169 Abb. (davon 5 farbig und 164 s/w). Fester Einband mit Schutzumschlag. Text: Englisch. Yale University Press. ISBN 9780300137224. art-15213
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From 1500 to 1825, Europe remained in an almost perpetual state of war. Religion, politics, economics, and dynastic ambition all played a role in the turmoil that spread across the continent. War-related printed images also proliferated during this time, serving a variety of functions--commemorative, propagandistic, iconic, narrative, eulogistic, critical, or instructional.

This handsome volume is the first graphic print survey of the theme of war in the early modern period. Featuring work by such artists as Durer, Goya, and Gericault, the book presents varied images of soldiers; battles (including specific historical events); production, innovation, and instruction in arms and armor; and representations of abstract concepts related to war and peace. The text includes essays by eminent authorities that illuminate artistic and historical issues of the era.
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