Il Duomo di Modena | The Cathedral of Modena

Mirabilia Italiae. 3 Bd. Chiara Frugoni (Hrsg.). 1999. Beiträge von: M. Armandi, R. Bosi, R. Bussi, R. Cattinari et al. 25,3 x 33,3 cm. 1340 Seiten mit zahlr. farb. & s/w Abb. Seideneinband im Schmuckschuber. Text: Englisch, Italienisch. Franco Cosimo Panini. ISBN 9788876869822. art-15015
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Declared part of the “Patrimony of Mankind” by UNESCO, the Cathedral of Modena has perhaps the finest Romanesque architecture and sculpture in all Italy. Lanfranco and Wiligelmo mark the beginnings of Italian medieval art.

"Mirabilia Italiae" is a series of publications dedicated to Italy's major artworks. The idea is to provide exhaustive, definitive photographic documentation of the works dealt with. With its thousands of stunning photos, taken during campaigns conducted specifically for the purposes of the project, "Mirabilia Italiæ" provides 'visitors' to our artistic heritage with an itinerary, complete with explanatory notes.

In recognition of the excellence of the "Mirabilia Italiæ" series, Franco Cosimo Panini Editore received the Premio alla Cultura award for 2002.
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