Magritte – The Mystery of the Ordinary

1926-1938. Anne Umland (Hrsg.). Ausst'publikation. Museum of Modern Art, New York 2013. Beiträge von: Stephanie D'Alessandro, Michel Draguet et al. 23,5 x 27,4 cm. Gewicht: 1,5 kg. 256 Seiten mit zahlr. Abb. Bibliografie, Register und Chronologie. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. Text: Englisch. MoMA. ISBN 9789461301116. art-13530
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This richly illustrated catalogue focuses on the breakthrough Surrealist years of René Magritte, creator of some of the twentieth century’s most extraordinary images. Bringing together nearly 80 paintings along with collages, objects, photographs, periodicals, and early commercial work, it offers fresh insight into Magritte’s identity as a modern artist and as one of Surrealism’s greatest painters. 256 pages. 225 illustrations.
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