Magritte A to Z

Christoph Grunenberg, Darren Pih (ed.). Exhib'publication. Tate Liverpool 2011. 17.1 x 24 cm. Weight: 694 g. 208 pages with 250 ill. chronology and Bibliography. Paperback with flaps. Text: English. Ludion. ISBN 9789055448630. art-13527
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Magritte was a true enigma. He was a man with a life as paradoxical as his art, a painter who claimed that he found painting boring. Yet his Surreal imagery is among the most startling and memorable created by any artist of the last century. His objective was no less than to bring about a total and profound readjustment of our sensibilities.

Magritte A to Z is a unique reference book that explores the artist’s work and life in-depth. From Absence to World War II, from Banality to The Treachery of Images, it examines key aspects, themes and episodes in Magritte’s career, counterbalanced by a focus on lesser-known aspects of the artist’s practice, including photography and commercial design work.

Including almost 150 text entries, this is an essential publication for Magritte scholars and fans alike.
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