Ute Behrend – Zimmerpflanzen

Catalogue. Köln. Snoeck 2008. Contributors: Christoph Ribbat & Kerstin Stremmel. German, English. 120 pages, 98 ill. 18.9 x 26.8 cm. 706 g. Hardcover with dust jacket. 9783936859980. art-09093
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The publication shows Ute Behrends (*1961) photographies from her “Zimmerpflanzen“ series.

“Ute Behrend’s works are different, however. They come always in twos. Instead of meticulously dissecting the dual components of what you see and what it might signify, Behrend infuses her series of images with both elements. She fears neither disorder nor decoration, neither ornament, she takes private photographs, but it is an undefinable privacy, temporally localized as the present day in a place situated somewhere between the city and the surrounding environs and the holidays, of a generation between youth and mid-life.“ (Christoph Ribbat)
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