Americans in Kodachrome 1945-1965

Guy Stricherz (Hrsg.). Santa Fe 2002. 26 x 31,5 cm. Gewicht: 1,2 kg. 120 Seiten mit 92 Abb. Abb'verz. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. Text: Englisch. Twin Palms Publishers. ISBN 9781931885089. art-11235
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Introduced in 1935 as the first modern color film, Kodachrome was used extensively after World War II by amateur photographers. „Americans in Kodachrome 1945-1965“ is an unprecedented portrayal of the daily life of the people during these formative years of modern American culture. It is comprised of ninety-five exceptional color photographs made by over ninety unknown American photographers. Made as memoirs of family and friends, the photographs reveal a free-spirited, intuitive approach, and possess a clarity and unpretentiousness characteristic of this unheralded photographic folk art.

Conceived as a book and nation-wide exhibition, Americans in Kodachrome 1945-1965 is an evocative and haunting portrait of an historic generation of Americans.
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